International Information

We are privileged to have students from over 60 nations attending classes during any given semester. Our international students bring such a unique experience to our campus. CFNI is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Students from the United States and abroad are encouraged to experience the Presence of God together.



CFNI welcomes qualified international applicants to apply for admissions into one of the following programs. Please review the admissions requirements below:

Bachelor of Practical Ministry in Christian Ministries

This three-year interdisciplinary degree program consists of 120 credit hours. Students who pursue this degree will choose courses from two of the following six majors:

  • Children and Family
  • Counseling
  • Creative Media
  • Evangelism
  • Global Missions
  • Marketplace
  • New Testament Church Leadership
  • Worship 
  • Youth

Associate of Practical Theology Degree

For students who want a general overview of theology, or are interested in marketplace ministry, we offer a two-year degree. Students pursuing this degree will complete 78-credit hours. These credit hours are transferable to any college or institution that has articulation agreements with us. 

Book of Romans

Global Missions

Pastoral Counseling

Wisdom in Proverbs


Intro to Marketplace Leadership

Transformational Children’s Ministry


Kingdom Principles

Major Prophets

Creation Science II

Generational Trends and Issues

Apostolic Leadership

I & II Samuel: Authority of God


Certificate of Biblical Studies

The CBS certificate is available for students who are only able to attend CFNI for one year. The requirements are the completion of the first year Foundational Studies. Students pursuing this certificate will complete 42 credit hours. 

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Systematic Theology
  • Creation Science
  • Holy Spirit
  • Principles of Faith
  • Personal Discipleship
  • Lectures in Practical Theology

Advanced Studies Diploma

For students who qualify to enter directly into the third year of studies (one year program). The requirements are the completion of two semesters of study. Students pursuing this diploma will complete 42 credit hours.

  • Children and Family
  • Counseling
  • Creative Media
  • Evangelism
  • Global Missions
  • Marketplace
  • New Testament Church Leadership
  • Worship 
  • Youth





Tuition & Fees

These are the current rates for tuition, dorms, apartments, and meal plans which are charged on a per semester basis for a single student. This is an estimated price per semester. The estimated price per semester for a international student is: USD $5,500.00.  (Note: This price includes a Remedial English Class.)

VERY IMPORTANT: International Students are required to pay in FULL for the whole semester. Please be prepared when you arrive at CFNI to make the full payment. WE DO NOT OFFER A PAYMENT PLAN FOR INTERNATIONALS. 

The US government requires that all international students prove funds to study by providing an original bank statement. The amounts need proven are below:

  • Student: USD $15,000.00
  • Spouse: USD $10,000.00
  • Dependents: USD $5,500.00 

If the bank statement is not a personal account or from your parents, the sponsor needs to fill out a CFR form (Certificate of Financial Responsibilty) that shows whose funds are being used for the applicant and that the sponsor agrees to provide all funding while the student is enrolled at Christ for the Nations.





Visa Information

After Acceptance, CFNI will send your documents:

  • I-20
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Embassy Letter

Visa interview:

  • Before the Interview please pay I-901 SEVIS fee: 
  • Apply for an F-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate
  • Request and F-2 visa for your spouse or child traveling with you to USA (Family)

Our intention is to help you understand the kind of questions you may face during your visa interview.

It is essential to adequately prepare for your visa interview; applicants who are well prepared and confident in their responses to the visa officer have a higher success rate in obtaining a U.S. student visa.

Documents for your Visa Application Interview:

You will need to bring the following documents with you for your visa interview. Be sure all documents are neatly organized and readily available during your interview. Review all documents and be sure they are correct prior to your visa interview.

1.     All appropriate U.S. Department of State forms are required by the consulate in your home country. Verify needed forms from the Embassy/Consulate Website.

2.     Valid passport for at least six months into the future.

3.     I-20 from CFNI.

4.     Receipt for paid I-901 Visa Application Fee.

5.     CFNI Acceptance Letter/Embassy Letter.

6.     Evidence of Financial Support proving enough funds for entire length of study at CFNI.

7.     Documents proving your intent to return to your home country upon completion of your CFNI academic program and coursework.

8.     Review documents thoroughly and have them neatly organized.

9.     Provide brief explanations only.

10.  Be confident, be prepared, speak clearly and give short answers.  

What to Prove During Your Interview:

Preparation is key when applying for a student visa. It will be important for you to communicate to the visa officer that you wish to return home upon completing your studies at CFNI. In order to increase the likelihood of being granted a Student Visa, it is important to prove the following during your Visa Interview:

1. Prove your primary purpose for obtaining a Visa will be to study full-time at CFNI as a student. Be ready to present complete history information about CFNI and why you want to study at CFNI.

2. Prove that you have strong ties in your home country and that you have no intent to immigrate to the United States. Strong ties are various aspects of your life (professional, family, financial, etc.) that bind you to your country of residence. Strong ties may include all your family resides in your home country and not in the U.S., you have a job awaiting you at home upon completing your studies or all of your assets are in your home country and not in the United States.

3. Prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself (and your family) for your entire CFNI program. Provide financial/bank statements indicating that you (or your Guarantor's/Parents) have adequate funds to pay for your entire academic program, including living expenses, at CFNI. You must also present evidence that your guarantor will be able to finance the remaining years (after the first year) of your education at CFNI.

4. Have a valid passport for at least six months into the future. Be sure your passport has been issued with more than six months left before its expiration.






A few work study scholarships are available to students from outside the United States each year, who could not otherwise afford to attend. The U.S. government will not allow international students to be employed off campus but they will allow them to work on campus in two types of work study programs, but we cannot guarantee any type of job.

  • Founders Full Work Scholarship: This scholarship covers Tuition, Housing, Fees, Meals, books and Remedial English. Student is required to work at the assigned position 20 hours per week.
  • Founders Tuition Only Scholarship: This scholarship covers only Tuition cost. The student is required to work at the assigned position 10 hours per week.

We would love nothing more than to give every student a scholarship. However, scholarships are limited and we see it is best to give the opportunity to students from countries that are not open to the Gospel.

If you have finances to support yourself or if you have someone that is willing to support you, please do not apply for a scholarship and allow this opportunity for others that have a greater need.

It is our desire for everyone to be able to attend and experience what Christ for the Nations has to offer.

All International Scholarships are handled by the Enrollment Services Office. International applicants seeking this scholarship must fill out part E-Scholarship application form and send it to the Enrollment Services office via mail or email. The Application will be submitted to the Scholarship Committee for review only if the student got accepted before the scholarship deadline.

The Scholarship Committee for international applicants meets twice a year and reviews applications one year in advance. For example, if an applicant is awarded a scholarship in the Fall 2015 committee, the scholarship will not begin until the Fall 2016 semester.

A work study position does not provide for a spouse and/or family.