Elective Opportunities Program

MUSIC EDUCATION / ELECTIVE OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAM Electives are course offerings provided outside of the morning class schedule and degree programs, allowing students to train in various skills for an additional fee. Elective costs vary but are always competitive, and are lower than market rates. All of our instructors are educated and experienced in their area […]

Tours & Visits

Camps / Events Tours are available on campus on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:30AM or 1:30PM Central Standard Time. During your visit, you will tour the campus and meet with an Admissions Specialist for a one-on-one advising session. To schedule a tour at Christ For The Nations, click the link below. We look forward […]

Camps Events

Camps / Events APPLY CAMPS / EVENTS Christ For The Nations Institute hosts various summer camps, conferences and events every year. During the semester, we host events such as Campus Days, Voice Of Healing And The Prophetic Conference and our annual Live Album Recording. Not only do we encourage students to attend these, but we […]

Articulation Agreements and Co-Enrollment

ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS AND CO-ENROLLMENT APPLY Articulation agreements are formal arrangements between CFNI and accredited colleges and universities guaranteeing acceptance and transfer of CFNI credits. As a unaccredited institution, we felt it was important to ensure that our students who desire to continue their education will be able to do so without losing the academic ground […]

Christian Foundations Modules

CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONS Modules from Christ For The Nations Online Introducing: Christian Foundations Modules from Christ For The Nations Online. A Biblical Worldview has never been more important and that’s why you need to continue to grow and learn. The Bible encourages us to “always be prepared to give a defense to anyone who asks us […]

Alumni Prayer Request

Alumni – Prayer Request The world would believe if: the church presented a united front; the individual members were willing to subordinate their own plans and ambitions for the good of the whole; they would show the world they truly loved one another; they would pray together in perfect agreement.   Gordon Lindsay

Alumni Share Your Story

Alumni – Share Your Story We believe that during your time at Christ For The Nations, God transformed your life, restored you, and made you whole. He gave you purpose and identity. CFNI has become part of your story, and you have become part of our family. We care about what happens in your life, and […]