Explore and discover divine healing testimonies—compelling narratives of individuals experiencing profound healing through the power of God’s word. May these powerful stories serve as an inspiration, encouraging you to embrace the full extent of what God’s word can provide for your well-being, in alignment with Psalms 107:20. Immerse yourself in the transformative narratives of God’s healing grace, and let faith guide you towards the abundant provisions His word holds for your life.

Viviane Kabore

“I have gotten two notifications from my child Schecania’s school that he is having problems with his eye sight and that I should get them checked. I took Schecania to the eye medical doctor’s office and several eye scans have been made on his eyes. The results showed that his eyes went through a trauma but I cannot tell when he went through this trauma. I reminded myself of the teaching we have been receiving that facts change but the promises of God for my child’s eyes is the truth. Further exams were made to confirm that the child has a problem but it finally came out that the child’s eyes are fine even with the trauma that the eyes experienced, that we are not even aware of. Schecania was able to read correctly and I stand on his word that by His stripes my child is healed and I proclaim that he will live long with good eye condition to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.”

Jennifer Ramirez

“I began attending the Healing Place at CFNI in mid January 2019. I went to the Healing Place because I had been seeking healing of my digestive system and vagus nerve for over 3 years with no real results. As I attended the Healing Place I began to read the word of God daily in regards to healing. I also began claiming God’s word over my symptoms and meds each day. When I began attending I was only able to digest very few foods (10-15 foods) with most being well cooked or pureed. As I attended the Healing Place I went up for prayer as much as I could. On February 9, 2019 I began to try various foods and I am still eating a variety of items with no digestive issues. My digestive meds have been decreased and the pain I once felt after a meal has not returned. Yes, God is healing me and I cannot wait to share a full testimony when he is done with me!! God is able. His word is Truth and he is the same yesterday, today and forever. All glory is the Lord’s. Psalm 107:20”

Jenifa Angeline David

“Saturday evening after coming back from church, my skin started breaking out into hives with itching and burning. The whole time I felt like I was in a fire furnace. I didn’t eat any nuts or anything new so it was kind of random that it happened! By Sunday morning it got worse. It spread to my whole body – legs, arms, back, thighs. So my husband took me to the doctor. Even the doctors couldn’t figure out why since I didn’t eat anything new. We got back to our apartment and took the pill that the doctor had prescribed, but with no results, so I texted Pastor Brown asking for prayer. He called me on the phone and prayed with me for healing! The itching and burning started reducing after I got off the phone and the hives started disappearing. This morning I woke up with no hives or itching or burning. God has completely healed me. Thank you Jesus!”

Stephanie Orr

“I have had back pain off and on for the last 9 years. I have been in seven car accidents in the past 30 years (I was only driving for 3 of those times!). Strangely, I was in 2 accidents in one day in Ghana while riding in taxis there. I have tried various methods for relief short of surgery. I love that God doesn’t overlook us in our pain. Since we came to pray for our little boy, I was not focused on the pain that I carry around daily. It has been a constant, so it wasn’t directly on my mind until you finished praying for our son. I thank God for the word the Holy Spirit gave you to prepare you to pray for me. You mentioned that the Holy Spirit told you to pray for a release from trauma which was POWERFUL because I experienced the tragic death of my first husband over ten years ago and I think that the trauma of that loss created the pain in my back along with PTSD (which the Lord previously healed). I felt a shifting in my back as you and my husband prayed and when it was over the pain that was usually there disappeared! I thank God for healing me and for the powerful ministry of the Healing Place!!!!”

Thu Le

“I just want to share my testimony about how God answered our prayer at the healing place for my boyfriend’s mother Arlene. We have been praying for her because she needs to do the surgery in her back. She had been in the hospital and then was sent home to wait for the surgery. She couldn’t walk at all but gets better later but then she felt tired and hard to breath so she came back to the hospital to check. There her doctor told her that her heart had problem and she needed to have another surgery to remove the blockage in her heart before they can do her back surgery. On the 21st of March, the doctors scheduled her for the blockage remove surgery and my boyfriend asked me to pray for her for the surgery at 12:30. I prayed and then went to the Healing place where we gather every Tuesday and Thursday to hear God’s word and pray for healing. There I asked pastor Andrew and all the brothers and sisters in the room to pray for her and we declared healing for her heart. After we finished at the healing place I came home and checked my phone, my boyfriend had texted me that his mom didn’t need the surgery anymore because doctors found no blockage in her heart. Praise God! He is the Healer. Thank you Jesus. I believe that He continues to heal her back and she will walk normally and easily and feel no pain at all. Thank you for letting God use you as an instrument for His work.”

Jennifer Ramirez

“I want to share a testimony of healing with you. On Saturday, March 30, 2019, my husband and I were a part of a family wedding. During the wedding reception a lady accidentally lost her balance and fell over. She hit her head causing the area to swell greatly. I felt like the Lord wanted me to pray for her. My husband and I asked if she would like prayer and she agreed to it. I remembered you teaching about how the bible shows that Jesus, taught, preached and healed. I then began to claim scripture over the lady. I quoted Isaiah 53:4-5, Romans 6:10-11, Psalm 107:20 and more. I began to tell her of the many miracles Jesus did and I asked her if she believed that He is the same today, yesterday and forever. She said she believed this. I asked if she had faith in God and the truth that he would heal her and she stated she had faith. I then said to her that it would be done according to her faith. My husband, myself and a close friend (also a believer) prayed for the bump to return to normalcy by morning. The lady left the wedding claiming that she was healed by Jesus’ stripes. In the morning I received a phone call from her friend stating that the bump was gone. Yes, God is still in the healing business today and I am humbled to be a tiny part of what he is doing. ALL glory is the Lord’s!! Psalm 107:20”

Jenny Pop

“On Tuesday February 19, I had a meeting with Mrs. Alta Hatcher whom I see from time to time. I was just sharing to her about Life and eventually about my personal need: healing in my my teeth. I had lost three teeth on the upper left due to an infection that ate most of the bone. Since they cleaned the infection out almost a year ago, I had uncomfortable pain in my left ear, jaw and and in the area of missing teeth. It was very hard to deal with it at times. I was told by the doctors that I need bone graft and sinus lift surgeries before I can get some dental implants.

When I told Mrs Alta that I am trusting the Lord to heal my mouth, she then called in Andrew from next door and he prayed for me. He prayed for my ear and my mouth but the pain didn’t t go immediately, it was gradually, but by evening when I cooked dinner I realized it was all gone. The day after I went to the dentist office and while she talked to me about surgeries and such, the pain came back. I realized what had happened and on the way home I prayed in tongues, rebuked the pain and prayed for complete healing and the pain left. I was pain free for a week. I am so happy for finding this ministry. I feel blessed to seat under the Word, the teachings of Andrew Brown on Physical healing and him praying for the people. It has been such a blessing to me. And I want to stand In faith for the rest of my healing: for bone to grow and teeth to grow in Jesus’s name!”

Yolanda Buller

My name is Yolanda Buller, I am giving 2 testimonies the first testimony is my niece Robin Harris living in California who was driving to school on the freeway and had to pull over because she was feeling sick. A stranger saw her and called the ambulance which took her to the hospital. The doctors discovered that she had an aneurysm so they rushed her to emergency surgery. I called Pastor Andrew and we prayed for healing and deliverance within a couple of days she was out of ICU and she was talking and eating that was a miracle from God. Amen!


“Hi Andrew below is the testimony of what God has been doing in our family since we were at The healing place:

First let me give you a quick medical history on my daughter. Since my daughter was an infant it’s been a battle. At first we thought it was just behavioral issues but after being kicked out of every day care we were quickly pointed to autism and later confirmed by the behavior specialist at children’s, in addition she had lazy eye on both eyes she vomited almost daily since she was an infant then was informed she was allergic to gluten and egg and dairy so she has lived a life deprived of all the foods kids like eating like pizza, cake and ice cream. Every time I blinked there was something else wrong, even the dentist informed me my daughter had a genetic dental problem and she would not get 6 of her adult teeth. Then two years ago she had a full tonic seizure at school and was unconscious for approximately 16 hours. After many studies the findings were brain damage to the right hippocampus which the doctors called Mesial temporal sclerosis and epilepsy.

The medicine is supposed to keep her seizure free but a brain study ( EMU ) they did two months ago revealed she was having regular seizures that I had not identified because they only lasted less than a minute and the body does not convulse but the brain does. Again the doctors talked to us about all the medicine options and possible brain surgery.

I almost lost it but felt in my Spirit God had different plans for my daughter than the doctors were saying. The very next day, I remembered having heard of the healing place while registering at CFNI and having even printed out the application but never having filled it out. I quickly filled out the application and began to attend. I knew I had to be a responsible parent and let the doctors do their thing but I knew my trust was in Jesus and I needed to focus all my attention on him.

This last Tuesday was my 3rd time at the Healing place. And I can already feel my faith being multiplied that God would heal my daughter so Wednesday morning I woke up and decided I was going to Allow God to show me what he had already done.

I sat my daughter down and I told her we were going to believe in faith that she was healed and allow God to show us what he had already done so I cooked a breakfast sandwich with gluten, egg and cheese, we prayed over it and asked for God’s healing hand and she ate it all. She normally would vomit profusely immediately after the first few bites. It’s been over a week now and she continues to eat gluten dairy and eggs and has not vomited. Every day my daughter who is 7 years old, will not put anything in her mouth without praying to God giving him thanks for healing her and praying that he continue to heal her every day.

Thursday we went back to the healing place and just as they were going to prophesy, my daughter started having a seizure and even vomited a little bit. After her seizure they prophesied over her and declared no more seizures over her life. I received the promise in my heart and a week later I’m standing on the promise and believing that the week of victory we’ve had seizure free, and vomit free, will turn into months, years, and the rest of her life in the name of Jesus.

I forgot to mention that two weeks ago Andrew at the healing room told me I should fast and pray and for the first time I fasted relying solely on God and his word and was able to fast for 36 hours the last two Mondays which in my mind was impossible but now I see that everything is possible in Christ and it taught me the power of the word and the spirit that dwells in us. I really believe this was part of what God used to increase my faith to receive what he has already done on the cross for us, healing us by his stripes.

As if that was not enough, Andrew prayed for my husband and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God is good! Thank you for praying over us for teaching us for prophesying over us and for continuing to build our faith.

I wish I could be there these next few weeks but I am on travel status for work but I will be back as soon as I can thank you. God bless.”

Araceli Lagos

“Hi Andrew, how are you? I just wanted to give you a quick update. As you know Sophia did vomit and had a seizure on 3/22 last week as I had already mentioned. However, we say the devil is a liar and we will not go back under his bondage. We continued to allow Sophie to eat all the foods she was allergic too and she is doing great. Other than that one day last week when she vomited and had a seizure, she has not vomited like she use to. We count it as a victory! These foods use to make her vomit within minutes and she use to vomit almost daily for years so we are seeing God’s healing hand and we are believing for full healing over her life. I’m still out of town but I’m doing the healing workbook at night and I’m continuing to fast and pray as you indicated.

Thank you for your guidance and I look forward to going back to the Healing Room soon.

Thanks, Araceli”


“Since August 2018, I have been attending some of the prayer sessions and healing training sessions taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, led by Andrew Brown, the Healing Place Coordinator. My participation began in response to the Lord compelling me to attend in anticipation and preparation for the Voice of Healing Conference 2018. Each week the teaching and Presence of the Lord stretch, train and challenge me to become a believing believer, one who knows the Word of God, believes the Word of God and walks out the Word of God, following in His ways. The Lord has been stirring up boldness to not just believe in my mind and heart, but to act on those convictions, those truths, when confronted with the reality of suffering and affliction in the world.

At the end of 2018, my husband and I traveled to Ontario, Canada for a work related Christmas party. We were enjoying an evening of dinner, fellowship and dancing. One of our co-worker friends, Kevin, loves to play the piano (by ear) and when the band took a break from their performing, our friend Kevin found a piano out in the reception area by the elevator bank. He sat down to engage the keys and sing along as a crowd of the other party goers gathered around and joined in the fun. He was really in the moment and completely committed to entertaining us (as well as himself.)

I noticed that he was getting quite red in the face (and attributed it to the excitement and the fact that he is quite overweight.) Then all of a sudden right in the middle of playing and singing, his eyes rolled back and he fell backwards off of the piano bench and ended up on the floor. One of our co-workers ran back into the dining area to grab people she knew to have medical training to come and offer assistance. As they checked him for a pulse and breathing, I heard the Lord tell me to pray. The people attending to Kevin said there was no pulse and that he was not breathing. They began to administer CPR and I looked around for those I knew to be believers and looked them in the eye and said, “PRAY!” I got down on my knees at Kevin’s feet and felt the Lord nudge me to lay hands on him and pray for life. The Holy Spirit prompted me to rebuke the spirit of death and release the resurrection life of Jesus over him. I declared God’s praises, prayed scriptures-whatever the Lord was bringing to me. I felt the Spirit tell me to press in and not quit until Kevin was revived. A few minutes in, Kevin was not responding to the CPR 12 and the hotel management brought an AED to try and use. At that point, I had to release my touch on Kevin to avoid being shocked along with him.

The Lord prompted me and another woman to remove his wife from standing right over him and watching the whole thing. We took her behind the piano out of view, but nearby, and she and the other woman sat on the piano bench and I took her hands in mine, looked her square in the eye and told her we were going to pray. I prayed out loud repeating what the Lord was dropping into my spirit and prayed in the spirit as well. The Lord said do not stop until he is revived, so we prayed.

The paramedics arrived in response to a 911 call and took over administering CPR sometime during that time. Within a few minutes, Kevin let out a mighty roar, and was ALIVE-heart beating and breathing again. We praised God, gave Him all the glory and thanked Him for saving Kevin. Kevin was transported to the hospital and ultimately underwent multiple bypass surgery. He and his wife declare that God revived him and the prayers of intercession were responsible for bringing that to pass. I believe it, too. God allowed us to partner with Him to see the dead raised!

I’m so grateful for the faithful witness of truth I receive at the CFNI Healing Place, that we are called to walk in His Ways, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons!”

Elodea James

“Diagnosed with cancer and stomach infection is now completely healed after prayer. She presented her medical report from a hospital in Dallas and the doctors are amazed.” 

View the YouTube video here

Roberta Martinez

Hi Andrew,

Hope all is well! My husband and I just wanted to give you some good news about Benjamin. He’s been doing really well, he is answering his name and age when asked and he is also is the process of potty training now which is going quite well. Today at our parenting meeting the BCBA said she doesn’t like to predict the client’s future but she believes Benjamin will be ready for pre k with regular kids. I was super excited today the least!

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray 🙂



I had a procedure on Friday. The growth was only a polyp which they removed. I just heard the biopsy report–it’s benign! Praise the Lord!! Although I had wanted the growth to have disappeared, I have a great testimony that He, indeed, healed me. He is a wonderful Father. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. The clean biopsy means more than you know as I had breast cancer 10 years ago. Your prayers meant a lot. I hope to be there Thursday. If not, it’s just because I need more rest from the procedure.

Blessings, M.H.


It’s Alisha! Diagnosed with gestational diabetes which happens only in pregnancy. Doctor said my numbers were high from the blood sugar test. I have tested myself last couple days at home and my numbers are normal! I am healed! Thank you so much for praying for me. I believe the baby is healthy also!

“After two weeks of not feeling the baby move in her womb, a pregnant mother received prayer and that afternoon the baby started moving again.”


“Student with one leg shorter than the other is now healed after prayer. god grew out her leg as we prayed for her.”


“Young lady who had brain aneurism while driving will be ok after prayer and surgery.”


“The twins are finally home after being born premature and being in ICU for months. Grandmother gave testimony and is thankful for all the prayers.”


Woman with pain in the ear now healed after prayer.


Little boy’s wrist is healed after prayer.


“At the healing class a lady who was totally deaf in her right ear can now hear after prayer.”


Woman healed from a severe case of vertigo.


Man healed from stage 4 liver and colon cancer, in one year.


A woman is healed after being on high dosage medication for many years and can now eat without any digestive problems.


Doctor confirms that woman suffering from high blood pressure now has normal blood pressure readings.


Man’s hearing improves after being totally deaf in one hear and partially deaf in the other.


Woman with arthritis pain in her hands receives healing. The pain leaves immediately after prayer.


Man who had diabetes had his vision improved after prayer and now he can read without problem.


Three people who were partially deaf now hear without problem.


Creative miracle – lady who was totally deaf in one ear now hears clearly.


A lady who was totally deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other receives her total healing.


Incurable lung disease healed