Yes. Students are welcome to join us for online classes as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Our classes are pre-recorded, high-quality videos and will be available for students to watch as it is convenient for them. Coursework is organized and divided into 10 weeks. Each week will have one to three videos plus assignments such as reading assignments, discussion questions and special projects. Most courses include a midterm and final exam or final project. Most courses will include 1 or 2 essays submissions.

Student loans and government aid are not available to our online students. CFNI Online tuition is kept low to ensure affordability and to prevent students from incurring debt. We offer our students a payment plan, allowing them to pay 40% of their tuition by registration plus two monthly installments.

We offer 4 terms per academic year. Our Winter term lasts from January through March. Our Spring term lasts from March through June. Our Summer term lasts from July through September. Our Fall term lasts from October through December.

Each term lasts for a duration of 10 weeks.

Students have the option to take between 1 and 4 courses per term.

Textbook requirements are listed in each course’s syllabus. We advise students to purchase textbooks through their preferred vendor. Some manuals and workbooks will be available immediately in a downloadable PDF format. A $15.00 workbook fee will be included in the cost of the course.

Yes. Students can transfer credits earned through CFNI Online to the CFNI day school and become an on-campus student. Students may also transfer those credits to one of the universities with which we have articulation agreements.

We retain a record of each course our students complete, along with their final grades in each. Should a CFNI Online student apply to be an on-campus CFNI student, they would need to tell us that they have earned CFNI Online credits. Our registrar will apply the appropriate credits to their on-campus student profile. If a student would like to transfer to another school, we will provide them with a transcript that will transfer to the universities with which we have articulation agreements.